Welcome to the World of $ICECREAM

$ICECREAM is the latest meme coin to hit the crypto space, offering a mix of fun, flavor, and innovation.
Inspired by everyone's favorite dessert, Icecream Token is here to add a dash of sweetness to your digital wallet!

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Presale Information

Get ready to be part of the Icecream Token journey. Join us in our presale event!

Token Address 0x081d07E813bab5385b05aD9dBffAF2Fc3638E251
Start Block 41886855 (Approx: Sun 1 Sep 13:48)
End Block 42261237 (Approx: Sat 14 Sep 13:47)
Liquidity Lock 70% BNB raised with 262 years duration
Softcap 75 BNB
Hardcap 300 BNB
Max Spend per Account 1.5 BNB
Presale Price 2,000,000 ICECREAM per BNB
Listing Price 1,800,000 ICECREAM per BNB

Please note: While $ICECREAM is a delightful token, it should be enjoyed responsibly.
It's not intended for investment purposes and does not promise financial returns.
Enjoy it as you would a tasty treat – with delight but without expectations!

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Our roadmap outlines the strategic journey of $ICECREAM, highlighting key milestones we aim to achieve.

Phase 1: Cold
Launch & Establishment
  • Token presale on Unicrypt
  • Token launch on DEX
  • Reach 1,000 holders
  • Establish social media presence
  • Initiate marketing campaigns
Phase 2: Cool
Community Growth
  • Expand community engagement
  • Establish partnerships
  • Grow to 3,000 holders
  • Website improvements
  • Start small-scale marketing
Phase 3: Warm
Visibility Increase
  • CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listings
  • Grow to 5,000 holders
  • Enhanced marketing strategies
Phase 4: Hotter
  • Major marketing campaigns
  • Grow to 10,000 holders
  • Collaborations with influencers
  • Introduction of new token utilities
Phase 5: Hot
Ecosystem Development
  • Significant ecosystem expansion
  • Grow to 20,000+ holders
  • Introduction of additional features/utilities
  • Large-scale partnerships

IceCreamSwag (ICS) Limited NFT Collection

Embark on a digital adventure with 100 uniquely crafted NFTs, each bringing a blend of vibrant neon colors and futuristic charm.
A visual feast of luminous and tantalizing designs awaits you!

ICECREAM Pre-Launch Giveaway

$ICECREAM Tokenomics

Understanding the distribution of 1 billion Icecream Tokens:

  • Presale: 600,000,000 Tokens (60%)
  • Liquidity Pool: 378,000,000 Tokens (37.8%)
  • Initial Dev & Marketing: 19,500,000 Tokens (1.95%)
  • Unicrypt Fees: 2,500,000 Tokens (0.25%)

Note: With the liquidity locked forever, $ICECREAM is designed to be unruggable, ensuring long-term security.

Buy Tax

Sell Tax

Tax Summary

Taxes Buy % Sell % Locked Description
Dev & Marketing 3% 1% yes Fund development and marketing activities.
Holders Reflection 2% 2% yes Reflection tax rewards existing holders by redistributing a percentage of each transaction.
Liquidity Pool 0% 2% yes Adding to the liquidity pool, enhancing overall liquidity.
Total Tax 5% 5% Combined total tax.


Risk Acknowledgment: Cryptocurrency investments are inherently risky and highly speculative. Prices can fluctuate dramatically, and there is a risk of significant financial loss. Do your own research (DYOR) and consult with financial experts before making any investment decisions.

No Financial Advice: Information provided here or in any communication regarding $ICECREAM is not intended as financial advice. We are not financial advisors. Any decision to buy, sell, or hold tokens should be made based on your own due diligence and consultation with a financial advisor.

Regulatory Compliance: The regulatory status of cryptocurrencies is uncertain and can vary in different jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

No Guarantee of Profit: There is no guarantee of profit or value appreciation. Investing in $ICECREAM should be seen as a high-risk activity, and you should only invest what you can afford to lose.

Scam Awareness: Beware of scams and fraudulent activities within the cryptocurrency space. Always verify information through official channels and be cautious of unsolicited offers.

There is no official team behind $ICECREAM, no official social media presence, and no official community groups. It's a token that should not be bought with the expectation of profit or monetary gain. There's no official roadmap. The liquidity of this token will be locked forever, and only destiny can tell if there's a bright future ahead for $ICECREAM.